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 A Lesson in Insensitivity

Hello, this is Sally Smothers
Like me you probably noticed that in America our inner cities
Are filled with people who call a sewer grate home
And some can't remember their last meal
The luxuries most of us have worked our whole lives to obtain
Will most likely never be experienced by these, less fortunate souls.

Howdy folks, John Neighborly here
We in the Mojo family would like you to join in the fight to help these people
Our progressive out-reach program starts with bringing the want ads section
From local newspapers to the attention of these victims
Then we begin kicking them and screaming
"Get a fucking job you bums!  You make me sick!  I want to kill you!"
We feel that our radical techniques have motivated our less fortunate citizens
As well as provide a much needed tension release for our over taxed population.

For more information, please call a Hate Breed group at 827-HATE and thanks for your support.