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29/8/01 - Mojo Rumour denied.

Unfortunately there wont be a Stuck Mojo show at the Century Media party, heres what Rich had to say about it;

"We discussed it with the folks at Century Media and have decided against it. We decided that if we do any shows they will be in the South East United States. Also, Century Media is not exactly on our list of people that we want to do favours for. "

21/8/01 - Possible Stuck Mojo Show!!!!!!!!

Big News. Aparrantly Stuck Mojo will be performing at the century media 10 years anniversary party. They are set to reunite with Bonz for what could be Stuck Mojo's final show. These are only rumours and I'm trying to confirm dates venues etc within the next few days.

18/8/01 - Violate This review and release date.

The Violate This Review was completed today and the Violate This release date is STILL August 21.

14/8/01-Violate This cover added, Violate This review added.

A violate this review will be up in a day or two and the official release date has been pushed back to September 4.

29/7/01 - 420 Monks dates added, Ryan Mallam gets married, Violate This Review.

Several 420 Monks tour dates were added today check tours for more details. I will be writing a review for the new Stuck Mojo album, Violate This. Let me tell you, that is one great album. Also on a different note Ryan Mallam from Fozzy was married yesterday.

13/6/01 - Sick Speed Tour Cancelled.

"Please accept my appologies for another show cancellation. The club in Rome lost their liquor liscence about three months ago due to a poor choice in judgement. They assured us that they had obtained another liscence and that there would be no problems with our show on the 13th of July. Well guess what. We called them to touch base about the show and during that call we were notified that they had no such liscence. Mind you, they didn't call us and we had reason to beleive that there was any problem. I hope that you will make the trip to Atlanta for Saturday's show. If you can't make that show, Chattanooga is right around the corner. SORRY! 

Respectfully Rich."

11/6/01 - New photos and tours.

I added some new photos today that I got from Ryan Mallam. Also Fozzy and Sick Speed are set to play together, see tours for more details.

11/6/01 - Violate This Tracklisting.

Stuck Mojo are set to release their forthcoming collection of rare tracks, demos, covers and more, "Violate This", on August 21st through Century Media. The album will feature the following tracks



10/6/01 - Site Re-Launch

Hey everyone. Today the site has had a major update. Ryan 'the Kidd' Mallam's section 'the Kidd speaks out has been added, the site has been re-designed and nearly every other page has also had some changes made. Tell me what you think by using the Guestbook. In other news Sick Speed are almost certain to sign a deal with DK entertainment. Sick Speed would be the labels #1 priority in Europe and Sick Speed will be marketed all over the world bar the USA. I'll be updating the site every day over the next couple of weeks so be sure to check back often. Please tell me what you think of the new look and design and as always long live the Mojo.

9/6/01 - Fozzy Date Cancelled.

Heres what Xack from had to say;

"The July 20th Fozzy date in Louisville, KY has been postponed... I guess it turns out Dan has a Mary Kaye party going on that night and refuses to change the date of it... I always knew his cross-dressing tendancies would run rampant over the other priorities in his life... but that's why the angry penguin rapes him every night... "


6/6/01 - Sick Speed Record Label.

Negotiations have broken down with Century Media and Sick Speed now look likely to sign with DK records. There is also a rumour of another Stuck Mojo cd on the DK label if Sick Speed sign. We can only hope.

30/6/01 - Violate This Release date, Stuck Mojo Concert Videos.

The new Stuck Mojo album "Violate This" has a release date of August 21st and a review of that album is coming soon. On the site there are 4 Stuck Mojo concert videos including their final show, for sale at $20 each. Also keep the guestbook entries and questions for Rich coming.

21/6/01 - Tour Date Cancelled, Update From Rich

Todays Sick Speed show has been cancelled. Sick Speed were meant to play at the Best Buys ampitheater here's an explanation from Rich;

"Our manager Mark Willis received a phone call on Monday informing him that we would need to provide our own PA system for Thursday's side stage gig opening for Styx. So let me get this straight. We play for free, no guest list, we have to provide the PA which will run around $2000 and pay a crew to set it up. I may not have a degree in economics, but this does not seem like a gig that Bill Gates would play. Please accept my apology if you were planning on attending, we are dissapointed as well. The next Atlanta show is June 30 at the Cotton Club."

Also I still need more questions for my interview with Rich so email them to me or use the guestbook-Grant

14/6/01 - Sick Speed at Tremont Music Hall and Fozzy at Virginia

From what I have heard both the shows rocked with no complaints from anyone. Pics and reviews from both these shows coming soon. Well done to the guys from Fozzy and Sick Speed for another excellent show.

5/6/01 - Rich Ward Interview Coming Soon

I'll be interviewing Rich Ward aka Duke of Metal in approximately 2 weeks. If you have any questions for Rich on any subject large or small, please E-mail them to me or use the guestbook.

2/6/01 - Mojo Break-up Rumours

Over the past few days Rich has been answering some questions and unfortunately he has pretty much confirmed the break-up of Stuck Mojo. Here are some of his statements, most problems seem to be with Bonz.

"....years of personal and creative differences as well as my pursuit of Sick Speed has created tension between Bonz and myself that hopefuly time will heal."

"I was bored to death by the sound and message of a genre that I helped create. I still loved the music that we were creating in Mojo, but I wanted to expand our use of melody without compromising who we were. I knew having a rapper as our lead vocalist would make this virtually impossible."

2/6/01- New Mojo MP3's

Sound clips of two new Stuck Mojo songs, "Your Revolution" and "Ten Years" are currently available for download on the web at .The tracks were recorded by the group as a three piece, without Bonz. Both songs are slated to show up on the impending Stuck Mojo b-side/covers/rare tracks compilation, "Violate This" due out through Century Media late this year.

2/6/01- Sick Speed Update from Rich

"The European deal is almost finalized, although it will only contain ten tracks. When it is released (late summer) it will be available as an import through your local retailer or by mail order through the site. In the meantime, a cd containing 14 songs (all recorded music to date) will soon be available through the site and it will detail the reasons for Dale Steel's release."


Rich says the new Sick Speed cd should be finished sometime next week. The new mojo cd will have 18 tracks, a review will come soon.


Xack Paden is currently working on questions for an interview with Rich. If anyone has any questions for Rich you can e-mail them to


Here's the latest on the Mojo breakup rumours from Xack Paden of

 "Hey all, Xack here from band is done, with the exception of the Violate This cd coming out mid June to early July... more info below. There are NO plans for any more shows, any more albums, or anything at all. This doesn't mean that there won't be one last show in the Atlanta area, but at the moment there are not even thoughts of this taking place... Violate This is the bands last release... On the disk there are really early tracks (before Snappin' Necks with horns), unreleased tracks from Pigwalk, Risin' plus many other tracks... I believe 16 or 17 total, this includes two new songs with Rich and Dan doing all the vocals... by the lyrics in these two songs, you can tell the band is done... I'm sorry don't have any track listing for you or the titles to the two new songs, but they are good... different at first but good... they have a DoH sound to them.

Rich, Dan, and Bud are soley concentrating on writing new Sick Speed songs (soon they'll have 15 songs recorded), Rich has been hard at work making videos for Hero, Never Comin' Back and The Way I Am. Once the new site is up and running there will be samples of all the sick speed songs plus a couple full mp3s to DL as well as some streaming videos... the band is still negotiating with a Euro. record label, the first draft of the deal was not acceptable so the camp sent the draft to their legal team for some inmprovments and they are waiting to hear back... more information will be posted at and to clear up the confusion regarding which site is the official SS site... .net is the OFFICIAL... Mark Willis called me and asked me if I would be interested in changing my domain to the for the OFFICIAL SS site... naturally I said, "hell yeah!"...

As for Bonz, he is a father to a healthy baby girl named Bliss and he is working hard on 420 Monks. The Monks are band up of two seperate bands, 420 Monks (hip-hop) which is Bonz in his natural habitat of traditional rap (great material) and there is 420 Monks (live which has a full band of 5 members + Bonz)... guitar, bass, drums, keys, a DJ and Bonz on lead vocals... not much info that I know of... I'm working on this and hopefully we'll have his site up and going soemtime within the next month...

Also for all you wrestling fans, Shannon Ward (Rich's wife) has a site at The site has many photos of Shannon with famous wrestlers, misc. personal photos of her and Rich and lots of other content of intrest... The first streaming song was written by Rich.

I hope this clears up a lot for you all... if you have any questions you can e-mail me at