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Violate This Review

Violate This is a cd featuring 18 of Stuck Mojo's best demos and b-sides. The first two songs are new studio efforts that were recorded without Bonz. Wrathchild and Shout at the Devil are both covers featuring Devin Townsend. The last few songs on the album are from the Snappin' Necks era. The Mojo 427 versions feature Eddie Gowan on vocals and Rich on guitars/drum machine. Overall a top album that is a must buy for all fans.

  1. "Ten Years" - this is the first of the new songs. It sounds a lot like the new Sick Speed songs, it doesn't have much of a mojo feel. Very reminiscent and shows stuck mojo are finished.
  2. "Revolution" - the heavier of the two new songs, reminds me of a heavier sick speed. Still strange without bonz.
  3. "Not Promised Tomorrow '97" (Demo) - sounds a lot more raw than the album version with some subtle differences, just as good as he album version.
  4. "No Pride, No Respect" (Demo) - this song is awesome, from the first second it is an all out assault. I cant see how this didn't make an album.
  5. "Southern Pride" (Demo) - Sounds heavier than the original but pretty much the same.
  6. "Wrathchild" (Feat. Devin Townsend) (Iron Maiden Cover) - this song is wicked. Devin's vocals and Bonz's rapping compliment each other perfectly, a geat song.
  7. "Shout At The Devil" (Feat. Devin Townsend) (Mötley Crüe Cover) - this is even better than wrathchild. Devin's vocals are awesome and make you want to go menatal. Bonz's rapping is as trumpet like as ever.
  8. "Hate Must Be A Gift" (Demo) - this song is one of the best on the album. Has the distinct mojo groove, a song you can sing along to.
  9. "Despise/Sermon" (Demo) - absolutely hilarious version of the sermon then kicks into despise, another standout.
  10. "Twisted" (Demo) - a raw version of the album version, a few little differences but pretty much the same.
  11. "Only The Strong Survive" (Demo) - hell yes! Rich's growl on the chorus is amazing. Shows mojo's thoughts on the gun control issue, one of the heaviest mojo songs ever.
  12. "Pigwalk" (Mojo 427 Version) - a more rock version of pigwalk. Less effects than the album version and a little strange without Bonz but the riff is as catchy as ever.
  13. "No Regrets" (Mojo 427 Version) - Also known as Back in the Sadlle or UBotch the same music with different lyrics.
  14. "Propaganda" (Demo) - one of the catchiest songs on the album. Opens with an acoustic guitar, one you can sing along to.
  15. "Love Has No Color" (Demo) - very strange, the song is more based around Bonz's rapping. Very mellow compared to most mojo soings.
  16. "Hotlanta" (Demo) - lyrically a lot like southern pride. Another not so heavy song.
  17. "Babylon" (Demo) - Another less heavy but very catchy song. One of the albums surprise songs.
  18. "Mojo Funk" (Demo) - hell yeah. Sounds little like most mojo songs but very bassy funky and catchy.